Union Medical Healthcare Limited is the largest aesthetic medical service provider in Hong Kong. We ranked first in Hong Kong in terms of the number of contour shaping treatments performed involving utilisation of the top-six revenue-generating aesthetic medications in Hong Kong, including BOTOX®, Dysport®, Sculptra®, Restylane®, JUVEDERM® and TEOSYAL®; and the number of breast plumping treatments in Hong Kong. We have the most full-time Hong Kong doctors among the top-five market players in the aesthetic medical service market in Hong Kong.

By focusing on high standards of safety, professionalism and client satisfaction that we believe are required of any well-established medical institution, and by actively pursuing innovative marketing and branding strategies, we have been able to build a well- recognised brand in Hong Kong, DR REBORN, Hong Kong Top Service Brand 2016, with the reputation of being a premier provider of aesthetic medical services in Hong Kong. According to a consumer survey conducted by Frost & Sullivan in May 2015 in Hong Kong, DR REBORN ranked first in brand preference among consumers when choosing one-stop aesthetic medical service centres.

The main focus of our Group is the provision of aesthetic medical services, such as medical modification treatments, contour shaping treatments and energy-based procedures performed by doctors, as well as dental services under our brands ONE DENTAL and ONE DENTAL PLUS. Our broad range of capabilities enable us to offerone-stop aesthetic medical and beauty solutions to our clients as well as healthcare management experience from and chiropractic service from , which facilitates cross-selling among our various services and allows us to continue to cater to clients' varying needs over time, therby bolstering our client loyalty.