Chairman's Vision

Mr TANG Chi Fai
Chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

In the past, traditional beauty services have been in a dominant position in the market. Nonetheless, limitations on technology and product use have limited the effectiveness and recognition of traditional beauty services. However, the traditional beauty industry is renowned for its first-class customer service and brands, and these advantages have attracted a large amount of disposable income consumption from loyal customers. The aesthetic medical market is currently highly fragmented. Generally, doctors practise small-scale clinics provide efficient beauty services with premium prices. However, customer service is unsatisfactory as the hospitals in terms of long waiting period from reservation to registration, from the wait to see the doctors and to medication collection, while the actual consultation period spent with the doctors are minimal. We are to combine the advantages of both traditional beauty and aesthetic medical services, and to provide exceptional one-stop aesthetic medical solutions in terms of brands, customer service, professionalism and effectiveness. The Group is committed to expanding its presence in the PRC through replication of its professionalism and successful experience in the Hong Kong market and capture the growing demand on reliable and quality medical services by the PRC border via medical tourism. We are striving to be the leading aesthetic medical service provider in APEC — offering safe, professional and effective services bringing in health, beauty and happiness to individuals with sustainability.